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Сайт №1 знакомств для взрослых


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Новые Профили

New To The Lifestyle

Возраст 54 из Falls Church, Virginia - Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 19 миль)

I will be something you have never experienced before. Come to my Dark Side. You won't know what to expect. Empathic, Openminded, I can be a handful. Strong willed. But willing to submit to the right person.

Surrender to the Goddess

Возраст 33 из Occoquan, Virginia - Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 27 миль)

Well-versed in all aspects of Domination, with a wealth of experience. i started as a submissive to private male dom’s, from there i progressed to being a switch and with time i found more enjoyment playing the Dominant role and found it second...

Inexperienced Sub looking for a Dom

Возраст 34 из Bristol, Pennsylvania Онлайн - Сегодня
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 157 миль)

I've been known as a jokster, and can be sarcastic and sassy at times. I am willing to try new things, this same quality can make me mischievous. I am also loyal, and affectionate. I only want to please and be a good sub.

Looking for a slave cuckold

Возраст 35 из Brooklyn, New York Онлайн - Сегодня
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 217 миль)

As the name says I'm only entertaining successful cuckholds in nyc area for possible ltr.

submissive looking for Dominant Man ltr

Возраст 51 из Caro, Michigan Онлайн - Сегодня
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 434 миль)

Submissive looking for a Dominant man who is interested in a D/s or possibly M/s relationship .I love to serve and please Him...

Together we explore a more excitin world

Возраст 30 из Boston, Massachusetts - Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 408 миль)

I am Mistress Hellen, from a young age I realized the power women had over men. My mother being a control freak , held alot of power over my dad in the nicest possible way.She oozed feminity and this has gotten into me and made me the lady bosset I...

BBW submissive

Возраст 48 из Detroit, Michigan Онлайн - Сегодня
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 379 миль)

5’6 275# brunette seeking a Detroit Dom. Living with my vanilla boyfriend

Inexperienced sub looking to explore

Возраст 29 из Ottawa, Ontario - Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищет Женщину (в 449 миль)

New to the scene, looking for an older female domme to teach me :)

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