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#1 сајт за одрасле
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serious sub and slave newbie only

Године 30 из Washington Grove, Maryland - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 17 миља)

I am a strict Asian Mistress, I offer real-life sessions to slaves, submissive, fetishists, and kinksters alike. As a creative pervert, I tremendously enjoy pushing limits and exploring boundaries-testing power exchange and taking it to new...

Ebony Domme for Deserving Sub

Године 31 из Manhattan, New York - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 222 миља)

Looking for a sub who knows what real submission is and knows that only a Strong Domme will fulfill his true purpose

Looking for a slave cuckold

Године 35 из Brooklyn, New York - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 217 миља)

As the name says I'm only entertaining successful cuckholds in nyc area for possible ltr.


Године 31 из Framingham, Massachusetts - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 389 миља)

I'm a new submissive who's looking for a strong dom to show me the ropes.

Inexperienced sub looking to explore

Године 29 из Ottawa, Ontario - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Жену (Удаљеност 449 миља)

New to the scene, looking for an older female domme to teach me :)

seeking a life term owner

Године 27 из Woonsocket, Rhode Island - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 374 миља)

I seek One who understands what exchanging of power really is, and knows that it is not one sided and there is responsibilities on both sides. I want to find someone I can be real with and will respect my honesty and openness in this life and can...

single looking for something fun.

Године 31 из Romulus, Michigan - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 378 миља)

i'm Sandra single 31 5'2ft 112lbs single looking for the best here have been in the game for a long term and i know the in and out i know what it takes to be owned and be submissive.

My entire existance is yours my goddess.

Године 18 из Archbold, Ohio На мрежи - Данас
Жена Тражим Жену (Удаљеност 398 миља)

18 year old trans male to female. I'm here to make my goddess happy. I need to forget that 'me' ever existed. Only you should remain. I'm here to be your portable or household toilet. I'm here for your entertainment. I'm here to live out your wildest...

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